Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Bike Cam

One of my regrets thus far in the season is not taking any pictures or video from the rides I've been doing, so tonight I went down to Home Depot and created a "Bike Cam" mount for my Canon SD1000. It's basically a small clamp with a Giottos MH-1004 mini ballhead. Seems to do the job. I took it out for a very brief test spin, and the results were not too bad.

Please forgive the cheesey movie. I've been wanting to try iMovie '09 for a while too.

If you want to make the basic version of this bike mount, the parts will run you a whopping $3.14 at Home Depot. You need a 1" rubberized cable clamp (you'll find it near the cable and zip ties), a 1/4" x 1 1/2 or 2" aluminum machine screw, a couple of 1/4" washers and hex nuts. Just make sure the screw has the right threads for your camera or tripod head. If you want to add the mini ball head, you can get it from B&H for $15.


  1. your wife looks really excited about it.

  2. I would say a little less than excited. But I think it's way cool.