Saturday, July 18, 2009

Col du Telegraphe

Not a whole lot to say about this ride. It’s yet another classic climb that’s frequented in the Tour de France. Since we were staying in Valloire above the Telegraphe, we started the ride with a descent down to Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne. The descent was about as good as it gets – long, steep, winding and twisting through dense forest and then coming out into the open with amazing views down into the valley.

I was struck by how courteous the drivers that we encountered were. The sharp turn on the road meant that we were able to go down much faster than a car. Almost without exception, the cars would give us plenty of room to pass on the left and would even signal us around when it was clear. At times you had the feeling of working your way back through the team cars to catch up with the peloton.

The climb back to the top was great as well. We had been worried about the weather, but it held for most of the ride. About the time we got to Valloire the rain started coming down in buckets, but at that point we were only 15 minutes from our apartment.

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